Snap Introduces New Augmented Reality Lenses at EDC

Snap Introduces New Augmented Reality Lenses at Electric Daisy Carnival

Through Snap’s new partnership with Live Nation, the company brought its new augmented reality (AR) technology to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas.
Snap Night Owl Lens at Electric Daisy Carnival 2022

Snap Night Owl Lens at Electric Daisy Carnival 2022

The best part of a music festival is experiencing it with your friends… So, we’ve created several new augmented reality experiences that make it easier to find the performances you’re excited about, and even your crew in the crowd. And, when you have your phone out to capture a moment, EDC visuals can come to life for amazing Snaps. Built with some of Snap’s most advanced AR capabilities, festival-goers will experience EDC in a new dimension,” said the company in a statement.

There were four new lenses that debuted at EDC on May 20:

  • Night Owl Lens brought the Electric Sky to life. EDC’s iconic owl soared overhead, and looked true-to-life, thanks to Sky Segmentation, which accurately placed it in the open air around festival-goers.
  • Daisy Lens grew blooms from the ground around users. Ground Segmentation ensures that the digital flowers sprout from the floor by their feet.
  • AR Compass was a personal guide to the festival. It showed who was playing at every stage—and who was up next—on an AR map of the festival grounds so attendees could get lost in the music instead of in the crowd.
  • Friend FindAR Lens helped EDC attendees find their crew. If they enabled location sharing on Snapchat, they were to pinpoint their direction and distance, so they could have seen their favorite acts with friends. This was in early beta.

Snap says it will continue to roll out additional lenses at upcoming festivals like Lollapalooza in Chicago, Wireless Festival in London, Rolling Loud in Miami, and The Governors Ball in New York.

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