Verge Aero Drones Take Armed Forces Day 2022 to the Next Level

Verge Aero Drones Take Armed Forces Day 2022 Celebrations to the Next Level

Verge Aero’s military-grade drones were out in force last weekend as the annual Thunder Over Evans event complemented a massive firework show with drone displays to salute America’s service members.

Verge Aero Drones Take Armed Forces Day 2022 Celebrations to the Next Level

Verge Aero Drones Take Armed Forces Day 2022 Celebrations to the Next Level

Thousands of families and service personnel traveled to the Towne Center Park in Evans, GA to witness the celebrations, as the Verge Aero team perfectly coordinated 180 drones to complement the pyrotechnics and fireworks.

The drones were programmed to deliver sky-high messaging, spelling out a massive “U-S-A” and morphing into precision-animated 3D volumetric shapes, which displayed the Stars and Stripes and military crests, as well as patriotic patterns of red, white and blue.

Click here to watch a video of the drones at Thunder Over Evans.

It was the second consecutive year that Verge Aero was commissioned to deliver the drone event for Thunder Over Evans, following a pandemic pause in events in 2020. Last year, Verge Aero delivered a crowd-pleaser success that “took our event to a level that we couldn’t even imagine,” according to event organizer Shane Thompson.

Following this year’s event, Thompson commented: “We’ve put on Thunder Over Evans, our city-wide military appreciation event, for 15 years. We hit a wall for our ability to ‘wow’ our attendees in regard to our music and fireworks. We then met the guys at Verge Aero. The effort that they put into our show creates an experience that we now cannot go without.

“Verge Aero is the best at what it does, and their team is able to translate our love for country with a breath-taking show that evokes emotion to all who attend,” he continued. “Even though they’ve risen to fame, we loved them before the rest the world. We appreciate all that they do and we look forward to a long relationship.”

“We were honored and excited to be part of Thunder Over Evans again this year and were delighted with the overwhelming audience response,” added Nils Thorjussen, CEO of Verge Aero. “With thousands of spectators and a tight operating envelope, it took careful coordination with everyone involved to safely deploy our fleet and create a spectacular show.”

Verge Aero’s flight planning software is designed to be 100% accurate, robust, safe, and reliable. The company says it allows fast and easy creation of dramatic shows with complex graphics and animations, and it takes care of all the safety critical aspects of flight so that designers can focus on making their show look and feel fantastic.

“After last year’s event, following the introduction of our drones, Shane Thompson joked that he wasn’t sure how we’d go any better for the crowds at Thunder Over Evans but, I’m happy to say, we achieved that this year,” concluded Verge Aero’s Chris Lutts. “We have successfully continued our relationship with their teams of event producers, fireworks, and pyrotechnics experts to elevate the offering. We can’t wait until next year!”

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