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LAVNCH is a community for like-minded tech professionals who want to engage, learn, network and better themselves. The LAVNCH platform is the BEST hybrid event platform, hands down.

LAVNCH [CODE], our new publication, serves technology enthusiasts with the emerging technology news and advice they crave — covering extended reality, experiential advertising and more! Essentially, LAVNCH is where you can directly communicate with industry experts, futurists, influencers and others involved in the audiovisual and tech industries.

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Designed with you (the attendee) in mind, LAVNCH is intuitive and linearly designed — so you are not aimlessly clicking around, looking for information. We’ve also added something exclusive to the LAVNCH platform: LAVNCH NETWORKING, which includes both attendee-to-attendee chats and group hangouts. Want to join in on group conversations with your peers at the event? Now you can! Each LAVNCH event will have vertical-specific groups designed around the attendees and the presentation topics, so you can ask specific questions and get the answers and feedback you need.

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