disguise Launches New Unreal Engine 5 Plugin - LAVNCH [CODE]

disguise Launches New Unreal Engine 5 Plugin

Users of the disguise visual storytelling platform can immediately benefit from Unreal Engine 5’s next-gen photorealistics visual capabilities, thanks to disguise’s new RenderStream plugin.

disguise Launches New Unreal Engine 5 Plugin

disguise has been working closely with Epic Games (owner of Unreal Enginge) to develop and launch the latest version of their free, open-sourced proprietary RenderStream plugin that allows its user community to seamlessly integrate Unreal Engine into their disguise workflow with minimal configuration. Through RenderStream, disguise users can create output streams on Unreal Engine projects allowing them to make real-time content changes directly from disguise’s software interface designer.

The new plugin also enables users to unlock new features in Unreal Engine 5 such as the Nanite virtualized micropolygon geometry system and a new Virtual Shadow Map system, allowing them to create virtual scenes in extended reality (XR) with massive amounts of geometric detail.

“Unreal Engine 5 unlocks the most photorealistic real-time content we have ever seen, and, with the help of disguise, users can implement it into their productions with minimal setup requirements so they can focus on delivering their best creations,” said disguise technical solutions director Peter Kirkup.

To benefit from the latest features in Unreal Engine 5 within their disguise productions, users will need to have access to the latest disguise software release, r21.

Click here to discover and download Unreal Engine 5.

Click here to discover and download r21.

Click here to access disguise’s RenderStream plugin to get UE5 up and running immediately.

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