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disguise Unveils r21 Software with Workflow Updates

disguise has launched its latest software release, r21, unlocking improved functionality of its Designer software interface and RenderStream workflows—as well as introducing new tools for managing color workflows.

disguise r21

disguise r21 software

The release promises enhanced performance of the disguise software for productions across all of disguise’s industry applications, from live shows to virtual productions, broadcasts and fixed installations.

Built on feedback from industry experts and practitioners, as well as insights from disguise’s Live and Color Insider groups, the company says the new release has been tried and tested on various live productions and virtual productions.

“What makes r21 stand out from previous releases is that it allowed our team to test it with our user community on site for various productions—an extremely valuable opportunity that previously couldn’t happen due to COVID restrictions,” said disguise head of software engineering James Bentley. “The ability to work alongside them and see first-hand what challenges they face is hugely insightful for us as we develop solutions and features to address them.”

r21 introduces a suite of new features to its core software interface, allowing its diverse range of users—which includes workflow specialists, screens producers, creative designers, and technical producers—to work with disguise more efficiently. The release also brings significant improvements to disguise’s RenderStream infrastructure, a core element within its workflow that integrates the disguise hardware, software, content engines, and camera tracking to deliver seamless productions.

disguise r21 is available to download for free from disguise’s homepage and available in seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified

As part of the company’s mission to lower the barrier of entry to its production tools and better serve its growing global community, users have been able to enjoy free access to disguise’s software license for the past two years and more recently even use the software in their local language.

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