Sony Takes Home SID Award

Sony Crystal LED Virtual Production System Solution Takes Home SID Award

The Society for Information Display (SID) has recognized Sony with the Display Application of the Year award for its Crystal LED Virtual Production System Solution. This is being awarded in recognition of the display’s innovative and outstanding application, and its great impact on the market in 2021, according to Sony.

Sony Virtual Production Cityscape

Sony says its technologies help create stunningly realistic virtual sets.

The Crystal LED Virtual Production System Solution is a new content creation solution that enhances the freedom of expression for creators, says Sony. This is enabled by the in-camera VFX method, which combines the Sony’s large LED display Crystal LED B-series and its digital cinema camera VENICE, alongside a camera tracking system and real-time engine.

“The SID Display Industry Awards recognize the best display products or applications introduced to the market during the previous calendar year,” said Wei Chen, SID’s Display Industry Awards committee chairman. “We are proud to award Sony Corporation, Sony PCL Inc., and Sony Innovation Studios Inc. a 2022 Display Application of the Year honor for its Crystal LED virtual production system solution. We commend the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and to helping shape the future of display performance and solutions.”

A virtual background such as 3DCG (three-dimensional computer graphics) is displayed on the Crystal LED B-series display, which has features supported such as high resolution, high brightness, and wide color gamut. This enables video production that combines CG and live-action in real time without post-processing such as composition. Sony says the combination of the Crystal LED and VENICE delivers high-quality color reproduction and gradation expression, resulting in reduced editing work and high-quality content. Furthermore, the point cloud software Atom View scans existing places and objects and converts them into 3DCG models. This makes it possible to create photorealistic virtual backgrounds, as if the subjects were really there.

In Japan, Sony PCL began demonstration experiments of virtual production technology in 2020, and is now actively providing the solution. Sony PCL has already achieved results in various content production businesses such as commercials, movies, and music videos. Sony PCL says it will continue to provide cutting-edge production technology and creative work, including virtual production at the Kiyosumi Shirakawa BASE, a new studio which was newly established in February this year.


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