Ciphertex Shows How To Protect Against Data Piracy At 2022 NAB Show

Ciphertex Shows How To Protect Against Data Piracy At 2022 NAB Show

Ciphertex Data Security will be showcasing its SecureNAS CX-140KNVMe model and its CX-Linux ZFS all-in-one storage management platform at the 2022 NAB Show. Ciphertex says these products provide a new level of safety, security, and portability to the TV and movie industry, which is increasingly under attack by inside-job pirating and hackers desiring to capture and sell this valuable art or to hold it for ransom.

Ciphertex CX 140KNVMe

The new Ciphertex all-NVMe SecureNAS CX-140KVMe with a capacity range of 105TB to 420TB, 100GbE to 200GbE upgradable PCIe ports, and military-recommended AES-256 hardware encryption. 

Piracy in the movie and TV industry is always an inside job. And shooting movies creates a ton of data that needs to be transportable, reliable (to survive being on a remote movie set), capable of super-fast upload and downloads—because we are talking terabytes of data—and most importantly, secure. According to CNET, piracy costs the movie and TV industry between $29 – $79 billion annually and up to 230,000 jobs. For this reason, Ciphertex SecureNAS is used by many movie and TV directors and studios to protect their valuable art. These two new products represent the next generation of data security and mobility.

“TV and movies are big business, which makes them a perfect target for piracy and cyber criminals,” said Jerry Kaner, CEO, Ciphertex Data Security. “But our new SecureNAS CX-140KNVMe is more than just the industry’s most rugged and reliable NAS. This incredibly powerful platform is engineered to accelerate workflow and collaboration in all phases of pre- and post-production, which will be a great competitive advantage to companies in the entertainment industry.”

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., Ciphertex says SecureNAS CX-140KNVMe is the fastest, highest capacity and most secure portable storage solution designed for efficient backup, restoration, or hybrid cloud use available. Supporting 14 hot swap NVMe SSDs and two internal mirrored SSDs for OS hosting, the all-NVMe SSD architecture reduces latency, improves bandwidth, and substantially increases read and write speeds, according to the company. To optimize IT infrastructure, SecureNAS CX-140KNVMe’s two PCIe Gen4 x 16 link expansion slots support additional NICs up to 200GbE, as well as enterprise-grade GPUs. Powered by a 24-core AMD EPYC Series (ROME) processor, this high performing enterprise NAS is designed to accelerate workflow, collaboration, block, and file storage.

For added cybersecurity, Ciphertex SecureNAS implements Ciphertex Protect, a proprietary hardware encryption key authentication to protect critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. CX-Linux ZFS provides triple redundancy backup and simplifies the data management process for greater efficiency and allows administrators to manage SecureNAS appliances in local, virtual, and remote environments. Ciphertex data security products meet or exceed strict military standards and specifications and are certified by a Department of Defense approved environmental testing laboratory for performance, durability and reliability.

Ciphertex will be in Booth N3747 at the 2022 NAB Show.

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