Brainstorm to Celebrate 30 Years in Business at IBC 2023

Brainstorm to Celebrate 30 Years in Business at IBC 2023

Brainstorm will celebrate its 30th anniversary by exhibiting at IBC for the 25th time in the company’s history. Brainstorm says it is “proud of this commitment with the industry that underlines how a company focused on innovation can continue to excel year after year in the dynamic and ever evolving broadcast market.”

Brainstorm's virtual production capabilities will be on display at IBC 2023

Brainstorm’s virtual production capabilities will be on display at IBC 2023

At IBC 2023, Brainstorm will showcase its most advanced technologies, starting with a presentation in the main Virtual Production Theater, demonstrating the possibilities InfinitySet offers for creating virtual content of all kind. The main demo will display advanced, photorealistic augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) content in a visually engaging presentation. To do so, the company will use a combination of chroma sets and shaped LED video walls, provided by Alfalite, in-context AR motion graphics, fully immersive talent tele-transport, multi-background content, and more. Fully compatible with Unreal Engine 5, InfinitySet now includes full integration of objects created in InfinitySet or Aston within the UE environment and vice-versa, including shadows, reflections, and AR with Unreal Engine, providing flexibility for content creation.

Motion graphics are essential in any broadcast workflow, and Brainstorm will show how Aston can provide designers with advanced tools for data-driven, in-context, AR graphics, which can be displayed in immersive virtual environments—including UE scenes—and seamlessly interact with the scene and the talents. Aston will also show how multi-channel graphics can easily and transparently be part of any show, enhancing the information and making it more attractive for the audience. The graphics system will also showcase dedicated Touchscreen, Esports, and Weather applications.

Also, Brainstorm will showcase the latest developments of its Edison Ecosystem. Built around Edison PRO, it is a complete solution that transforms any live or online presentation into an immersive experience by using AR and virtual environments. The Edison ecosystem includes control devices (Stream Deck) or free applications like Edison OnDemand. The ecosystem also includes the custom-built capture environment EdisonGO, an iOS application available for all users that provides video and tracking to Edison. This ecosystem of tools enhances storytelling with easily created real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, while presenters are immersed in a virtual, photorealistic environment, running the presentation with clickers or other remote devices.

Also, Brainstorm and MOOV will feature a daily session at 1 p.m., in which Adam Lawrence, creative director of MOOV and Miguel Churruca, marketing and communications director of Brainstorm, will talk about the ITV Sport Rugby World Cup project, which extensively uses virtual production for sporting events.

According to Héctor Viguer, Brainstrom’s COO and CTO, “For a company like Brainstorm, turning 30 years old is a fantastic achievement, which reinforces our philosophy of continued innovation and encourages us to keep pushing the boundaries of technology to make our users’ dreams come true, virtually!”

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