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XRA Welcomes 10 New Member Companies

The XR Association (XRA) has added10 new member companies, growing its ranks to more than 50 companies.

XRA Welcomes 10 New Member CompaniesJoining the growing community of companies making advancements in the use of extended reality (XR), new members include: Be More Colorful, King and Spalding, Mind your Language, The Learning Network, Holberton School Tulsa, Creative Startups, MediView XR, Pixel3i, Virti, and Webable.

“The XR community relies on a full spectrum of companies and actors to showcase how immersive technologies are revolutionizing how we live, work, and learn,” said Elizabeth Hyman, CEO of the XR Association. “From education to manufacturing to healthcare, to entrepreneurship and more, XRA membership represents this vibrant community. XRA is proud and excited to welcome these new member companies. We must continue to expand the conversation around this technology as we chart the future of our industry.”

“XRA’s mission to promote the responsible development and thoughtful advancement of XR technologies on a national scale helps elevate baseline awareness and acceptance of the technology,” added Matthew Chaussee, co-owner and chief executive officer of Be More Colorful. “Their advocacy and support create confidence in the marketplace, allowing us to deliver solutions to an informed client base eager to use new technology tools to tackle long-standing workforce development problems.”

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