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Panasonic Expands KAIROS Platform

Panasonic Connect North America has plans to develop a cloud-based solution for video production within the KAIROS ecosystem for the U.S. market that allows crews to take advantage of the KAIROS IT/IP production platform’s video processing and distribution capabilities without confining them to an on-premise studio.

The cloud-based solution works with the on-premise KAIROS IT/IP platform (released in May 2020), which the company says revolutionized video production by giving professionals unlimited control to deliver rich content to multiple screens and streams. This new cloud-based solution enters the market amid the proliferation of streaming platforms and the increased demand for quality video content and high production value. With corporations hosting more hybrid-style events and houses of worship looking to enhance virtual services, the cloud is playing an increasingly important role in streamlining workflows for greater efficiency.

“While more and more organizations are looking to grow and enhance their video-based content, not all will have the space or budget to develop a full-scale production studio,” said Michael Bergeron, senior category owner, advanced technology and video production at Panasonic. “That’s where flexible solutions like KAIROS Cloud-Based Solution will become key to the industry’s future, giving all types of production crews a decentralized way to shoot, produce, distribute and deliver video content more efficiently.”

The new cloud solution shares the same software and underlying technology as the on-premise version, allowing for integration with any existing KAIROS ecosystem. This means production crews can leverage the cloud and on-premise versions separately or together for a seamless production workflow. KAIROS Core on premise delivers a single frame of latency to local screens—necessary for IMAG applications—while a cloud account offers new features activation on a project basis. Adding the cloud component to a local hardware further enhances the flexibility and scalability for a production team at any level.

KAIROS customers using the cloud-based solution will also have the option to leverage a KAIROS Control Panel, with either the original AT-KC10C1 full size panel or the new AT-KC10C2 compact panel, to manage production workflows. The AT-KC10C2 (available Q4 CY2022) will enable the same level of operability as the AT-KC10C1 but in a compact layout ideal for fly-packs or smaller control rooms.

KAIROS Cloud-Based Solution also offers a monthly subscription-based pricing model that can scale up and down depending on production needs, making it more accessible to those who do not want to invest in a full-blown studio. Production teams can also increase and decrease storage as necessary.

To expand the flexibility of the broader KAIROS on-premise platform, Panasonic is also announcing the availability of Agile I/O, a new feature that provides AV professionals with additional input and output capacity and enhanced audio functions to support larger and more complex productions.

The new cloud-based solution, along with the KAIROS on-premise platform, the new AT-KC10C2 compact panel and Agile I/O, will be on display at the 2022 NAB Show in Booth C3607.

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