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Light Field Lab Introduces SolidLight Holographic Display Platform

Light Field Lab has announced SolidLight, what the company claims is the “highest resolution holographic display platform ever designed”. Light Field Lab says its technologies combine unprecedented size, resolution, and density to project SolidLight Objects that accurately move, refract, and reflect in physical space. 

Light Field Lab SolidLight Holographic Display Platform

Light Field Lab SolidLight Holographic Display Platform

The directly emissive modular SolidLight Surfaces form dense converging wavefronts with billions of pixels of photonic resolution. Untethered to gear, SolidLight enables viewers to experience digital objects in the physical world that escape the screen and are indistinguishable from reality. A demonstration of the holographic content generated by a SolidLight Surface display is available publicly for the first time via a 2D video here.

SolidLight is a turnkey solution that delivers true holographic experiences with real-time interactivity powered by Light Field Lab’s proprietary WaveTrace hardware and software, in conjunction with multiple self-emissive, bezel-less SolidLight Surface Panels that form modular holographic video walls. These SolidLight Surfaces scale to accommodate a wide range of next-generation entertainment, advertising, and commercial applications with an eye towards mass-production in the future to support consumer markets.

“SolidLight is unlike anything you have experienced before,” said Jon Karafin, CEO of Light Field Lab. “It’s only after you reach out to touch a SolidLight Object that you realize it’s not actually there. SolidLight redefines what is perceived as real, reshaping visual communications, audience engagement and customer experiences forever.”

Each 28-inch SolidLight Surface Panel contributes 2.5 billion pixels to the generated holographic object volume and the modular SolidLight Surface can scale to create any size display to accommodate a range of experiences including configurations exceeding hundreds of billions of pixels.

Light Field Lab is now accepting applications to pre-order first production SolidLight systems as manufacturing scales into 2022. Pre-production systems sold out immediately after the initial 2019 offering and are currently earmarked for holographic experiences that will be deployed in commercial applications over the next one-to-three years. The company says pricing varies depending on the size and range of application parameters, and is competitive with the latest premium fine pitch video walls. 

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