Feature³ Brings the Metaverse to Living Rooms Around the World

Feature³ Brings the Metaverse to Living Rooms Around the World

Feature has introduced Feature³, what the creators call the “world’s first blockchain-enabled streaming device”. Combining three products—a streaming service driven by content from world-class creators, an immersive, real-time social media experience, and a GPU-enabled gaming platform—Feature³ is a new experience that ushers in the future of entertainment, providing a portal into new worlds by bringing the metaverse off the computer and into the living room.

Feature³ blockchain enables any display.

Feature³, a blockchain-enabled streaming device.

Feature, the Web3 Studio that has pioneered blockchain-enabled experiences for Netflix and Coinbase, continues to build tools and technology that place creators and their stories at the forefront while connecting communities in novel ways. The company says the launch of Feature³ represents another significant milestone in this evolution of content distribution.

“At Feature, we believe that stories are powerful. They give people the courage to create common bonds, to become communities,” said Steven Ilous, founder and CEO of Feature. “A generation of storytellers have been held behind the gates of centralized distribution systems. With Feature³ we’re taking a powerful step toward setting them free.”

With the product, users can:

  • Transform any TV into a digital canvas. Feature³ enables users to view their digital collectibles and art on their TV screens.
  • Discover new worlds. Feature³ is partnering with some of the world’s most sought-after creators, brands, and communities to build metaverse experiences, blockchain-enabled content and new ways to experience traditional media.
  • Dive into gamified content. From mini-games to choose-your-own-adventures and epic RPG quests, users can engage with deeper, more immersive experiences.
  • Engage with friends and community members. API integrations of popular social networks enable conversations during and post experiences with friends and greater global communities—all on one screen.
  • Access exclusive smart content, experiences, and mint opportunities. Feature³ creates a new transaction layer with direct and interactive minting capabilities.

The Feature³ device will be publicly available in Q1 of 2023, and will start at approximately $149. The Feature³ Founder’s Pass, which includes a variety of perks as well as a special edition version of the device, is currently available for purchase. For more information, visit feature.io.

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