Dark Matters Chooses Brompton LED Processors for VP Studio

Dark Matters Chooses Brompton LED Processors for VP Studio

Dark Matters, a European virtual production complex, recently chose to integrate 10 Brompton Technology 4K Tessera SX40 4K LED processors into its studio complex.

Dark Matters virtual production studio

A Dark Matters virtual production studio. Image courtesy of Dark Matters.

The company—which was formed in 2022 by Romain Cheminade, Jean-Louis Eude, and Yaniss Boulanouar—is located 27 kilometers outside of Paris; the complex features six customizable virtual production stages spread across 15,000m², and a 700-strong fleet of high-quality custom built LED panels powered by Brompton Technology LED processing.

“At the forefront of every story is a human story,” said Cheminade. “We spoke with people that we know and trust who have been working with Brompton for many years. They all spoke highly of their Tessera LED processors and 24/7 service support, so we decided to invest in them and have never regretted our decision.”

The company’s LED panels were designed and specified Boulanouar, who has over 20 years of experience working with LED manufacturers to design and import LED panels for live and broadcast events. With one of the key requirements for the Dark Matters’ LED stock being rich color gamut, Boulanouar chose panels with 16-bit depth, 7680Hz refresh rate, and 2.6mm pixel pitch. Together with Brompton LED processing, the company says they offer exceptionally realistic visuals, especially in the dark and high-luminance spectrum.

“Our ultimate goal was to get as close to reality as we could, that’s why we chose custom LED panels powered by Brompton’s Tessera processors to give us a really dynamic range of colours,” said Boulanouar.

“Our biggest stage, ‘Dark Space’, is almost 4,000m² and has been designed for large-scale productions; we can even accommodate a commercial airplane in the room!” added Partouche. “The other five stages range in size and are completely soundproof, with all stages featuring a reinforced concrete floor that can hold up to 10 tons of weight per square meter, and high ceilings that easily surpass 12 meters, making them ideal venues for any type of creative production.”

Dark Matters says it is unique in the ever-expanding landscape of virtual production facilities due to its comprehensive, end-to-end solution, offering support during pre-visualization, techvis, and pitchvis project stages. “When a client comes to us with a project, we start by exploring their vision during the pre-visualization phase. Then we help them build sequences, fine-tuning them to match the director’s vision perfectly before we start shooting,” Partouche explained.

“Our team of artists have many years of experience in film, animation and video games,” adds Cheminade. “This means we can offer as much or as little help, advice and technical assistance as our clients need to help materialize their vision. Offering support with real-time video game cinematics, high-quality creative layouts for animation, to VR and camera prototyping and interactive event visualization are just some of the ways we can help.”

According to Cheminade, one of the greatest things its team can do is use resources efficiently. “There are a lot of creative assets that are built for the pre-viaualization phase. We work to push the quality of those assets a bit more to use them in Simulcam, and then push the quality even further to use those elements on the LED wall. Brompton’s Tessera software helps here by delivering advanced LED wall management capabilities, combined with ease of use and outstanding imagery. By doing that, we create a seamless pipeline between all services and departments involved in the production.”

With the largest overall LED setup including a screen measuring 25m long by six meters high, Dark Matters’ LED panel stock can be used in its entirety as a large volume, or can be split into smaller LED configurations for different virtual production stages.

“We made sure that for each possible LED setup we had enough Brompton processors to be able to fully utilize Tessera features likes HFR+, ultra-low latency, frame remapping, ShutterSync, and Dark Magic,” Cheminade added. “What I like most about Brompton is that you know it’s always going to do exactly what you want it to do. When you are shooting you simply can’t have any technical issues, so using reliable equipment like Brompton’s Tessera SX40 LED processors is critical to everything we do.”

“Dark Matters is a great example of the coming together of brilliant minds to create a unique studio complex and service to its clients,” concluded Dries Vermeulen, business development manager (Europe) at Brompton Technology. “It’s impressive to see such a young business bring so much expertise and knowledge to the industry. We are delighted the team chose Brompton LED processing to power their cutting-edge LED. Dark Matters is one of the most innovative companies unfolding the real-time technology revolution, and we are thrilled to join them on this exciting journey!”

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