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ARwall Releases ARFX Pro Plugin Update

After two years of research and development, virtual production specialists ARwall has released a new set of updates to ARFX Pro Unreal Engine Plugin.

ARwall ProPlugin for virtual production

ARwall has released a new set of updates to ARFX Pro Unreal Engine Plugin for virtual production.

In a bid to streamline virtual production workflows, the ARFX Pro Plugin consolidates all settings from Unreal Editor into one place for ease of use. The software requires no coding or programming knowledge, making it possible for creators of all backgrounds and sizes to elevate their productions.

Now, end users are able to adjust and save all their settings in-game, without needing to exit into Unreal Editor. According to the company, the main advantages of this update are saving time and production costs while producing triple AAA quality content.

The latest update of this solution for virtual production—with the same tools developed and deployed on set for Disney, WB Discovery, and 20th Century Studios—includes the following features and updates:

  • Post Process: temperature, tint, saturation, contrast, gamma, and gain
    ARFX Camera Options: tracking, movement speed, yaw/pitch speed, screen dimensions, near clip distance, bookmark transition speed
  • SteamVR Setup: hero serial, calibration serial, tracking delay, threshold sample size, velocity threshold
  • Keyboard Input: navigate preset camera positions, pan, tilt, dolly, roll, or boom; instant access to calibration menu; manually adjust the depth of field of the virtual camera
  • XBOX Controller Input: pan, tilt, truck, dolly, roll, or boom the virtual camera; position and save new camera positions instantly; and customize keyboard hotkeys and controller layout
  • Graphics: gives users greater control of the overall quality settings of the scene including quality Preset, where users can adjust the quality of all graphics and textures settings.
  • Display Settings: resolution scale, display mode, resolution, gamma, v-sync, max VPS, max FPS
  • Texture Settings: anisotropic filtering, adjusting quality of textures
  • Graphic Settings: post processing, anti-aliasing, shadows, effects, detail mode, foliage, view distance, motion blur, planar reflections

“I was looking for creatives who shared my vision that this technology is capable of changing an industry,” Terry Crews, founder of Amen & Amen Studios, commented about ARFX Pro. “ARwall was the team that started this revolution for indie filmmaking, and they’re continuing to innovate with the most accessible solution. We’re happy to say our stage is powered by the original virtual production solution, ARFX Pro by ARwall.”

The ARFX Pro Plugin monthly subscription retails at a starting price of $599/month.

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