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AI Turns Super Mario Heroes into Villains

The highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie made a smashing debut, raking in an impressive $146M during its opening weekend and an astounding $204.6M within the first five days of release. This blockbuster success has inspired fans—new and old—to delve into the world of these beloved characters.

Inspired by the release of the movie, casino comparison site Online.Casino has transformed protagonists from the Super Mario franchise into dark and sinister versions of themselves using the artificial intelligence (AI) art program, MidJourney.


AI turned Mario into a villain.Once the beloved hero who tirelessly rescued Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches, Mario has transformed into a menacing antagonist. No longer the cheerful, mustached plumber we know and love, the AI-generated Mario sports a wicked grin and a sinister gleam in his eyes. The signature red cap and overalls have been replaced with darker shades, and his usually well-maintained hair has been allowed to grow out of control, giving Mario an ominous appearance that sends chills down the spines of Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants.


AI turned Luigi into a villain.The AI-generated version of Luigi is far from the affable, green-clad sidekick we’re used to seeing. With a twisted sneer and a nasty stare, this villainous Luigi seems to have embraced the darker side of his existence. His green attire is now tainted with an eerie, shadowy hue, and a ruthless, cold-hearted persona has replaced his once supportive demeanor. This is a Luigi who is more than willing to exploit the Mushroom Kingdom for his own gain.

Princess Peach

AI turned Princess Peach into a villain.No longer the picture of grace and benevolence, the villainous version of Peach has embraced the dark side with open arms. Her once-flowing blonde hair is now a sleek, jet-black mane, and her piercing eyes burn with malevolence. Her iconic pink gown has been replaced by a dark plum-colored dress, giving her an air of mystery and danger. Her once gentle disposition now hides a calculating, power-hungry mind. As the puppet master of the Mushroom Kingdom’s underworld, this darker version of Princess Peach is a force to be reckoned with.


AI turned Yoshi into a villain.Yoshi’s transformation is a chilling departure from the lovable, green dinosaur many have come to know and adore. This version of Yoshi has traded his friendly, wide-eyed expression for a menacing glare, radiating an aura of danger and unpredictability. His once vibrant, smooth green skin has been replaced with a rough layer of dinosaur scales, and his once charming features now appear sharp and threatening.


AI turned Toad into a villain.The once sweet and helpful Toad has undergone a shocking transformation as well. His lovable mushroom cap now appears menacing and distorted, while his once innocent smile has morphed into a sinister smirk. Toad’s stubby arms and legs are now brimming with newfound strength as he aids in bringing chaos and turmoil to the once-peaceful Mushroom Kingdom. This villainous Toad is a far cry from the loyal friend and ally we’ve come to know over the years.

“These reinterpretations of iconic Super Mario characters demonstrate just how versatile new AI tools can be for bringing ideas to life that would once have been left only to the imagination,” said spokesperson for Online.Casino. “Presenting these familiar heroes in a new light also allows fans to consider the intriguing possibilities that emerge when characters take on roles outside of their traditional character arc.”


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