Did you know that THE rAVe Agency’s own Gary Kayye has been teaching Personal Branding as a semester-long course at the University of North Carolina for more than 10 years? And, he’s writing a book on personal branding that will be published by UNC in 2022. Join us for this series of LAVNCH & LEARNS as Gary provides you the tools and resources you need to kick off your personal branding journey. Learn about the sessions below and then register to gain access to his insights and expertise on The Branding of Me.

The first session in the series

Personal Branding 101:

Let Gary Kayye Help You Make Magic

When we think of the word “brand,” we associate it with companies or businesses, not people. However, in this day and age, we need more than resumes or graduation certificates to stand out. We need something that is representative of ourselves: our values, our belief system, our personality, our life ambitions and how we want to be seen by others. We need a personal brand. You actually already have one — but, do you know how to leverage it? Do you know how to use it to close, to get a new job, to make more money or to get noticed?

While we know ourselves better than anyone, it can often be difficult to narrow our brand down to one cohesive message. Gary Kayye is recognized as a personal and professional branding expert, not just by UNC but also by companies such as LinkedIn, Cisco, Domino’s Pizza and UNC Athletics. Through his career as a professor at the University of North Carolina, Gary has used his expertise to teach more than 800 students how to brand and market themselves to employers around the world — and many have received jobs from sharing their personal branding projects with HR managers.

Join us for this series of LAVNCH & LEARNS as Gary provides you the tools and resources you need to kick off your personal branding journey. This is one event of a series, so continue to attend and learn how to elevate your brand through blogging via LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more.

The second session in the series

Personal Branding 101:

Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile in Real-Time

During part 1 of Gary Kayye’s Branding of Me LAVNCH & LEARN, he explained the importance of developing a personal brand and helped you start the journey toward creating your own. Now, in part 2, Gary will teach you how to perfect your LinkedIn profile to showcase the personal brand you have created. You know who you are, now it’s time to find your voice and learn how to use it.

Watch the session on demand to get started on developing a LinkedIn profile that stands out and attracts both peers and employers. This is an interactive session so come ready to follow along and enhance your profile in real time!

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