XTEN-AV is a cloud-based software platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop AV system designs based on AVIXA published standards and design guidelines.

Using AI and machine learning, XTEN-AV’s software pulls AVIXA published standards and design guidelines to recommend the best products, create automated wiring diagrams, produce bills of materials and generate custom end-to-end proposals within minutes.

What’s in it for you? A fully streamlined process — whether you’re a manufacturer, an integration firm, an AV salesperson, a systems designer working for a large end user, or a design consultant. Oh, and more happiness and customer satisfaction.

Check out the Featured Product from XTEN-AV

Introducing Proposal 2.0!

The brand new and powerful Proposal 2.0 is here!

Enjoy endless customization options and full flexibility to design, edit and generate client proposals. Customize your proposals like never before, with the spectacular editing and formatting options offered by Proposal 2.0. With new extensive setting options, you can now generate comprehensive proposals that stand out. Explore the magic of Proposal 2.0 and increase your efficiency by 10x.

Introducing XTEN-AV Referral Program

You can now refer and redeem points to unlock a free month on the XTEN-AV platform when your referent upgrades.

The XTEN-AV Referral Program allows users to invite people to register on the platform and collect points redeemable as a free monthly subscription. Every XTEN-AV user gets an unlimited number of referrals that can be accessed in the Referral Tab. Invite your friends and colleagues to join the platform and collect points as soon as your referent upgrades to a paid subscription. Collect as many points as the number of users on your plan and redeem a month of free usage.

Keep referring and use the XTEN-AV platform for free and for as long as you want!

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