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Aveo Systems is the designer of Mira Connect, the smart AV control system that is easy to set up and easy to use. With Mira Connect, you won’t have to pay for expensive custom programming to get a customized control system, as we’ve done the programming for you.

In addition to controlling Zoom Rooms, Poly, and Cisco video codecs – and for Microsoft Team and other soft codecs – Mira Connect controls the rest of the room through support for a wide range of AV products from a variety of manufacturers.

Discover how Mira Connect can help you control the AV equipment in your spaces. Contact Paul Roberts to discuss your control needs and learn what Mira Connect can do to make your rooms easier to use!

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NEW FOR 2021! Mira Connect Now Controls Cable, Satellite & Off-Air TV Tuners, DVRs, Media Players, and Recording/Streaming Systems

Many applications require access to news, sports, weather, and other broadcast content. Mira Connect makes it easy to integrate cable receivers and associate the tuner’s output with video switchers or displays/projectors for distribution and viewing in the room. You can easily add channel favorites for quick and easy channel selection.

We’re adding support for DVRs (to make it easy to record and play content in these applications) and for Blu-ray media players, too.

Recording and streaming systems make it possible to participate in many types of events safely and remotely. Mira Connect supports the Epiphan Pearl Mini and Nano video recorders and streamers, commonly used in educational environments for capturing lectures and live venues for recording and streaming presentations or performances.

ALSO ADDED IN 2021 SO FAR: Mira Connect Easily Controls AV-over-IP-based Video Switchers

AV-over-IP video switchers allow integrators to cost-effectively create video matrices of any size based on their application requirements.

Mira Connect’s ability to discover the transmitters and receivers and control AV-over-IP video switchers, combined with its native control of displays and cable-and-satellite tuners, provides users with a fully-integrated experience for their AV needs with all the benefits of Mira Connect, including remote control/management for IT/AV support staff, ease of making changes, and seamless control on their personal devices for room users.

Mira Connect currently supports AV-over-IP video switchers from AVPro Edge, Blustream, and Just Add Power.

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