The products that have come out of our industry are an incredible feat of technological innovation. But brands in the AV, UCC and digital signage markets, ironically, have a bit of a visibility problem; we have trouble showcasing our solutions year-round, outside of trade shows, in a fun and memorable way. We all want to go back to shows, but we’re missing a place to go now to see what’s new. There’s no current place — online, in a singular location — for buyers to explore just new products and nothing else. Let’s change that. Introducing: LAVNCH FAIR.

If you’re looking for a totally new, never-been-done-before way to exhibit your new products online, join us this June for the inaugural event. LAVNCH FAIR is the industry’s first digital product fair — a place where solutions providers coexist to showcase new products, innovations and rule-breaking technology. LAVNCH FAIR will be available all month long, and it’ll all live under a platform you already know and trust: LAVNCH, a space where industry conversations are started.

LAVNCH FAIR was created for both manufacturers and those seeking manufacturer solutions. Before you ask, showcases are 100% free, even for exhibitors. Why free? Because rAVe sees an innovation gap in the industry we think we can fix. And if we have an opportunity to fill a void for AV, you better believe we’ll be there to do it. Our industry needs this: a digital innovation hub that gives all brands an equal voice outside their own organic channels. A singular location for buyers to explore products outside of all the trade publications, and not just at live shows.


It starts in June with the reveal of the LAVNCH FAIR homepage, centrally populated with manufacturer “brand hubs” like yours. Inside LAVNCH FAIR, products will be searchable by category (e.g., UCC, digital signage, ProAV, education) so attendees can find what they want, when they want it. We’ll keep interest high and draw in global attendees, week by week, by hosting events throughout the month — like keynotes (on topics that no one’s talked about), educational sessions (which are not sponsored by manufacturers) and, importantly for you, live product-release “press conferences” (think of these like open-mic nights where manufacturers can come up and pitch their solutions, one by one, to a live, online audience).


In addition to being featured on the main LAVNCH FAIR interface, each exhibitor will get its own unique brand hub, the page where you show off your new products. This is your chance to set the stage for your big product launches. This is your chance to make an impression on AV integrators, technology managers, enterprise-level CIOs, end users and more. We should probably mention: products debuted at LAVNCH FAIR must be totally new. No repeats.


LAVNCH FAIR attendees are prospective buyers of AV solutions (i.e., your products). But they’re tired of, no offense, spec sheets and stock photos. Upon free registration, attendees gain full access to the show and each brand hub. They can interact with you and others logged in, in real time, through LAVNCH NETWORKING chat rooms. Attendees will be able to track which brand hubs they’ve visited; the interface will be easy (and fun!) to navigate.


LAVNCH FAIR isn’t another digital “show floor” or flashy AR map that sits and collects virtual dust. It also isn’t an advertiser-supported or sponsor-supported showcase. Every brand, big or small, gets an equal shot at showing off their new products. This is the kind of work rAVe has already been doing for over a decade via its trade show coverage — covering the smallest 10×10 booths just as equally as the mega-booths. LAVNCH FAIR will be no different. We’ll draw in global attendees through weekly keynotes, product debuts and exclusive, can’t-miss industry announcements.

What’s in it for you?

  • Establish your place as an industry thought leader
  • Release new products in a big (and brand new) way
  • Grow qualified leads, product info requests and prospective contacts
  • Discover a global channel outside of live events to reveal new products
  • Be a part of LAVNCH, the single #1 source for industry happenings and education
  • Stay relevant to your audience when being top-of-mind has never been more important

LAVNCH FAIR will serve as a much-needed innovation hub that changes how we virtually connect with consumers. But to make it happen, we need you — makers in AV, UCC and digital signage. Will you join us?