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YCD Multimedia Partners with Telecine

YCD Multimedia has formed a new partnership with Telecine Multimedia. The strategic alliance takes Telecine’s customized digital signage content development and couples it with YCD as an add-on for their software allowing for tailored content for any application. This includes brand specific content, triggered (headless CMS) experiences, interactives, templates, dynamic feeds, HTML5, and more.

YCD Multimedia Partners with Telecine“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Telecine on a few projects and wanted to build upon that extensibility and customization for our clients. We love Telecines’ keen ability to visually tell a brand’s story—that combined with our platform, allows for pixel perfect playback in “any K”. Together we’ll deliver targeted, immersive, and memorable content synchronized to engage and delight patrons in a multitude of verticals,” said Dina Townsend, VP of sales and marketing, Americas for YCD Multimedia.

“Working with the YCD team is easy because their platform is so intuitive and has such a simple user interface (UI),” added David Defelici, VP of business development for Telecine. “As content creators that makes our job that much easier and efficient. For our clients, that translates to ease of use with workflow customizations that offer anything from a fully automated and hands-off approach to a simplified method for uploading and scheduling content on the fly. YCD’s Cnario and RAMP are the ideal scenario for managing your digital signage ecosystem flawlessly and simply, and we’re excited to work alongside them,”

YCD’s Cnario enables creation, management, monitoring and control of digital signage networks through easy-to-follow workflows that provide low total cost of ownership. RAMP is a content management and distribution tool for retail store campaign management. Click here for more information on this partnership.

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