XRAccessibility GitHub Project Earns "Digital Public Good" Designation

XRAccessibility GitHub Project Earns “Digital Public Good” Designation

The Digital Public Goods (DPG) Alliance added the XRAccessibility GitHub Project, led by the XR Association (XRA) and XR Access, to its DPG Registry. The DPG designation indicates that a resource supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals through reducing inequalities and improving economic growth.

Digital Public Goods Alliance adds XRAccessibility GitHub Project to DPG registryThe XRAccessibility Project is an initiative to provide a centralized place online to find solutions to help support accessible XR experiences. The project was an outgrowth of the XRA’s third installment—Accessibility & Inclusive Design in Immersive Experience—of its ongoing Developers Guide: An Industry-Wide Collaboration for Better XR series, which was released in October 2020. It was also inspired by developers who reported challenges in finding accessible code snippets.

“As we talked with XR developers it quickly became clear that we not only needed to provide recommendations for building XR technology for all but also provide a practical resource for developers to access and share tools to make those recommendations a reality,” Liz Hyman, CEO, the XR Association, said in a release about the project. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with the XR Access Initiative in this ongoing effort to build and promote XR technology for all.”

Click here to learn more about the XRAccessibility Project and click here to fill out the XRA’s contribution form to add to its repository.

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