XRA Submits Public Comments on FTC's Latest ANPR

XRA Submits Public Comments on FTC’s Latest ANPR

On Mon., November 21, the XR Association (XRA) submitted public comments in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security (R111004).

XRA Submits Public Comments on FTCs Latest ANPRXRA’s public comments discussed the importance of user trust and data security in facilitating safe and enjoyable extended reality (XR) experiences for users. The association’s submission includes real use cases to educate the FTC about the broad range of XR devices and applications that benefit communities and individuals across the country in areas including accessibility, workforce training, manufacturing, and health care.

“XR is at a pivotal point in its development as an emerging technology,” the XRA wrote. “Broad rules not tailored to concrete harms would not only limit its current value to users but may also foreclose future innovations and consumer benefits.”

The association encourages the FTC to think of the XR industry as a partner that has the shared objective of providing safe, positive, and valuable XR experiences to users everywhere. Members of the XR industry understand the intersection of policy objectives and engineering solutions and can recommend and implement strategies that optimally leverage both.

“We encourage the FTC to work with the XR industry to chart a path forward and support the industry’s implementation of robust, good faith best practices,” said Joan O’Hara, vice president of public policy, XRA. “The XR Association is uniquely positioned to comment on this critical issue and looks forward to working with the FTC and other policymakers on this and other important topics.”

Click here to read the XRA’s full submission.

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