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XRA Launches Healthcare Working Group

The XR Association (XRA) will launch its new Healthcare Working Group (HWG) on February 7.

XRA Launches Healthcare Working GroupThis committee will explore extended reality (XR) use cases in healthcare settings—including medical therapeutics, XR use in procedures/therapies, and medical training. The chair of the HWG will be announced at the first committee meeting and will be staffed by Peirce Clark, XRA’s program development manager. The group aims to identify best practices, challenges, and opportunities for integration of XR technology in healthcare delivery and education.

“XR efficacy in healthcare is already being demonstrated for therapy, pain management and patient care,” said Stephanie Montgomery, SVP of research and best practices at the XRA. “We are proud to launch this new healthcare initiative and build the next chapter of our Developer’s Guides.”

The HWG brings together member company representatives focused on the responsible development of XR technologies in healthcare settings. The group will guide future research on and create a best practice guide for XR use in healthcare. Participants of this group are involved in XR healthcare, product safety or design, or otherwise have an interest in XR in healthcare.

The HWG is open to all XRA member company representatives and is actively seeking out participants who have experience in or wish to engage in the healthcare sector. Interested XRA member companies are encouraged to contact Peirce Clark at info@xra.org.

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