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XR Exec Talks with VITURE

Name: David Jiang David Jiang

Title: CEO

Company: VITURE

LAVNCH [CODE]: We know your title, but what do you actually do at VITURE?

DAVID JIANG: As CEO and co-founder of VITURE, I work alongside a talented team of tech professionals and a team of investors to help steer the direction of our innovative extended reality (XR) startup. I oversee the tech development and product definition, which focuses on determining what features offer the most benefit to the public and finding ways to incorporate those features into our VITURE One Glasses while keeping our sleek design and dynamic user interface. As we grow, I also help to identify and recruit talented employees to join our team and help VITURE continue to grow into an industry leader.

LAVNCH [CODE]: In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing about extended reality?

DJ: The most exciting part of extended reality is that recent progress in the industry is helping merge the boundaries of the digital world and the real world. The Internet, the metaverse, and other digital worlds are becoming more and more part of our reality and tech enabling us to bring the digital world into our daily lives can be a major disruptor in business, entertainment, education, and more.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Where do you see the XR market heading in the next year?

DJ: With XR accessories continuously evolving and new ones coming to market, such as our VITURE One, I believe we will see more use cases for XR than we can imagine. As of now, we see education, gaming, entertainment, and more, but XR products can enhance engineering, health, and other industries that haven’t been thought of yet. Leaders in the XR space will continue to collaborate with other industry professionals to find innovative XR solutions for modern-day and future problems.

LAVNCH [CODE]: What new XR products and services are on the horizon for VITURE?

DJ: Our VITURE One XR Glasses will be shipping to our Kickstarter backers this month (January 2023), and we aim for a full launch by the end of March 2023. Users will immediately be able to enjoy cloud and multi-player gaming on these comfortable yet fashionable XR glasses, projecting a 120” screen with a 60Hz refresh rate anywhere. This incredible mobile experience will also extend to entertainment, leveraging streaming apps built into our neckband accessory—providing a new way to experience entertainment anytime, anywhere.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Anything else you’d like to add?

DJ: Our product, VITURE One, will change the way we view mobile entertainment, but that’s just the beginning. XR will eventually become part of our daily reality and extend far beyond gaming, streaming and other entertainment options. It will take time for developers and tech to align to best utilize XR technology to improve our lifestyles, but I believe that eventually extended reality will be the reality we live in.

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