XR Exec Talks with disguise - LAVNCH [CODE]

XR Exec Talks with disguise

Name: Grigory MindlinGrig Mindlin

Title: General Manager, Broadcast

Company: disguise

LAVNCH [CODE]: We know your title, but what do you actually do at disguise?

GRIGORY MINDLIN: I joined disguise with Miguel Yabrudes when they acquired Polygon Labs, the company we co-founded to create innovative visualization solutions and award-winning creative services. My mission at disguise is to make production much easier for broadcasters and production companies. We want to usher in the next generation of real-time graphics and help broadcasters stand out against the competition, thanks to disguise tools and Unreal Engine.

LAVNCH [CODE]: In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing about extended reality?

GM: Right now, artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new wave of creativity and possibilities in extended reality (XR). Our creative team is constantly playing with different AI tools and integration ideas—and the pace of iteration is shockingly fast. I think the combination of generative content and markerless-mocap via AI is going to really elevate productions, especially sports .

LAVNCH [CODE]: Where do you see the XR market heading in the next year?

GM: We expect the XR market to continue to grow rapidly in the next year, particularly as businesses increasingly rely on virtual and remote solutions for communication and collaboration. We anticipate a greater demand for AR and virtual reality (VR) solutions that enhance productivity and engagement in the workplace.

LAVNCH [CODE]: What new XR products and services are on the horizon for disguise?

GM: While I can’t get into specific new tools just yet, I think you’ll continue to see our tools pop up more and more. So far, Eurosport, iTV, and DAZN are big disguise users, and even larger broadcast events like the VMAs and Olympics are employing our tools to execute productions.

We’re on track to become the industry standard for top-notch data visualizations and graphics for broadcasters, and we’re constantly improving our tools with our partners to make the best visuals out there.

In terms of XR specifically, disguise has recently announced collaborations with Move.ai to unlock AI-driven real-time markerless motion capture in production workflows, and broadcasters will see a huge benefit from it. By combining Move.ai’s real-time markerless motion capture software ‘Invisible’ with disguise’s superior graphics processing, broadcasters can unlock exciting real-time benefits such as realistic shadow casting and gesture-triggered graphics on virtual sets, all driven by live motion capture.

Watch the video below to see Mindlin discuss the company’s partnership with Move.ai.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Anything else you’d like to add?

GM: The broadcast industry is so unique, huge companies take big swings with small innovative developers and their software. I haven’t seen that in many other industries. The level of trust that’s established when collaborating on a project is a constant inspiration.

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