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XR Exec Talks with Brompton Technology

Sean Sheridan of Brompton Technology

Sean Sheridan

Name: Sean Sheridan

Title: General Manager, Americas

Company: Brompton Technology

LAVNCH [CODE]: We know your title, but what do you actually do at Brompton Technology?

SEAN SHERIDAN: I look after a fantastic team that deals with all company activities in the region—from commercial inquiries and technical matters to training and support efforts. Developing and implementing strategies to sustain current and future growth.

LAVNCH [CODE]: In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing about extended reality?

SS: From the first stereoscopic images and devices appearing in the mid-19th century, the pace at which extended reality (XR) technology is now moving is staggering. The rapid development and breadth of possibilities is what keeps me excited.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Where do you see the XR market heading in the next year?

SS: Our products are used heavily in LED stages for film and television. This technology is already migrating to other production verticals, such as corporate and advertising use. In the near term, I see more stages being purpose-built—at least for permanent stage installations. Larger, pop-up stages built for specific projects need the fast setup know-how of the live events space.

LAVNCH [CODE]: What new XR products and services are on the horizon for Brompton Technology?

SS: We’re always creating new features for our current lineup of products, all delivered to our customers at no cost. Our ShutterSync feature allows productions a new level of creative flexibility by not tying camera settings to LED capabilities. Extended Bit Depth has been a real game changer in helping get shadow detail and fidelity out of images that was never possible before from LED, especially at low brightness.

And, quite recently, we introduced G1, our next-gen LED receiver card that blows everything else out of the water. It’s 20x more powerful than competing products and will allow for possibilities no one is even thinking about yet. RGBW? One million pixels? 1000 fps? In a word: Yes. And that’s just the start.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Anything else you’d like to add?

SS: Through product development, we intend to keep pushing the possibilities of LED use in XR to new heights and we value the trust our customers have put in us to continue to do so. I’m excited to see where XR technology goes and how Brompton will be there to meet it!

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