XR Exec Talks with Absen - LAVNCH [CODE]

XR Exec Talks with Absen

Name: Kobe Xiao Kobe Xiao, Absen

Title: Director of Sales Engineers, Western

Company: Absen

LAVNCH [CODE]: We know your title, but what do you actually do at Absen?

KOBE XIAO: I manage Absen Inc.’s sales for the Western U.S.

LAVNCH [CODE]: In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing about extended reality?

KX: As a LED display manufacturer, the most exciting thing for us in the extended reality (XR) market is our products can be main canvas for XR workflows after so many years of green screen. It can help the creators, artists, or film producers to tell their stories in a much more efficient and cost-effective way, and allow people work simultaneously from different places—which is especially important during the pandemic.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Where do you see the XR market heading in the next year?

KX: I think it’s going to be a great year in 2022 for XR market! First, we’ll see more diversity on the products (LED ceiling, walls, and floors), different scales/sizes of the XR stages, and even LED volume because of the spaces and budget. Next, end users will have more choices to see, test, and experience the products available in the market and make their decision based on what works best for them. Finally, in general, the LED display product will move towards higher resolutions (e.g. sub 2mm) to make the best of the LED technology providing that the back end system can handle the resolution and massive data.

LAVNCH [CODE]: What new XR products and services are on the horizon for your company?

KX: The current star product is Absen Polaris series, PL2.5Pro with a Brompton receiver card. In addition, the Mars series MR2.5 (LED floor) and Altair series (LED ceiling) can help make a full immersive XR environment. We are actively working with our ecosystem partners and clients to upgrade the current product to make it more XR-friendly.

Watch the video below to see Absen’s XR Stage at InfoComm 2021.

LAVNCH [CODE]: Anything else you’d like to add?

KX: XR may sound fancy and complicated, but you don’t have to be afraid to try. The key is to find the right people to talk every aspect of it. You are more than welcome to speak with our local engineers, or come to our local XR stages (in Orlando, Los Angeles, and more!) to see, play, and experience it.