DeCoded: Why ProAV Needs WAVIT - LAVNCH [CODE]

DeCoded: Why ProAV Needs WAVIT

On this episode of LAVNCH [CODE] DeCoded, Amanda Eberle and Jennifer Goodyer, CTS from Women in AV/IT (WAVIT) discuss the formation of WAVIT and the organization’s goal for the first year.

Women in AV/IT is a 501(c)(3) organization created by and for women in the AV/IT industries. Its goal is to provide a network that supports and empowers women through education, representation, and inclusion. They know that ripples make waves, and to grow equity, the industry must support women in any way that makes them feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident. It all starts with a ripple. WAVIT encourages women to be fierce, bold, and make waves! Visit for more information.

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