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Why I’m Thankful I Work in Tech

Why Im Thankful I Work in Tech

To some, Thanksgiving is centered around a meal—turkey fresh out of the oven, mashed potatoes covered in gravy, a tasty casserole, some delicious bread. For me, however, the day is centered around reflection; I typically spend the day enjoying time with family as we discuss all of our blessings (which obviously include the aforementioned meal!).

In honor of Thanksgiving 2022, I asked the community why they’re thankful to work in tech. Here’s what they had to say…

Rachael Hinds, Senior Marketing Manager, Peerless-AV

I am thankful to work in the tech industry because it is constantly evolving. This allows each and every day to feel different than the last due to the interesting, inspiring, and overall exciting experiences at every turn. Through my position and company, I get to be a part of countless new innovations. I am confident that the different projects I’ve been able to work on and installations I’ve been able to experience first-hand will have a lasting positive impact on our society.

Dina Townsend, VP of Sales & Marketing- Americas, YCD Multimedia

I am thankful to work in tech because it gives me an opportunity every single day to think outside of the box, and to use this boundless toolkit to bring ideas to reality and then continuously reimagine those ideas and reinvent a space. I meet critical thinkers, dreamers, visionaries, and geniuses at every turn and have the good fortune to learn from them all!

Joe Dunbar, Visual Specialist, Starin

Aside from my genuine interest and passion for various technologies that we work with, I’m thankful to work in technology because it’s a very welcoming field that is generally more interested in solutions and progress—rather than formalities or semantics—that some traditional industries and fields insist on maintaining.

Samantha Stevens, Project Manager, CrimsonAV

I started in the technology industry when plasma displays were barely coming to market. To have seen the evolution from big clunky tube TVs to now seeing something as thin as paper with a crystal-clear picture is something I am grateful to be a part. I’ve been able to be part of some exciting project rollouts—working from concept development to execution and installs. This evolution through technology has not only provided great career experiences, but also developing long-lasting partnerships and friendships. I look forward to what the future holds as the industry continues to grow and change.

Adam Schmidt, Executive Vice President, Planar

Technology enables better ways of working, entertains us in new ways, inspires passion, unleashes creativity, and generally makes work, play, and life better. That’s when the technology works, but it never works without the brilliant, hard-working, persistent people who are continuously imagining, designing, building, communicating, deploying, and servicing. We’re thankful to work in tech and we’re grateful for those around us who are using technology to make the world more informed, more productive, and more enjoyable.

Chrissy Sara, Senior Sales Support Engineer, Sony Electronics

I’m thankful I work in technology because it’s a challenging and rewarding industry full of passionate professionals working towards the same goal: to raise the standard on customer expectation and provide the best AV solution available. Technology is constantly changing and it’s great to see how it has evolved over the years to transform different industries and make people’s lives easier and more productive. My favorite part is the opportunity to give back and help others by supporting our customers as they seek creative and innovative solutions to address their needs. I’m also proud that technology played a critical role in the recent transition to remote and hybrid working and learning.

Sarah Koehler, Applications Engineers, Clear-Com

Being an applications engineer at Clear-Com, in the tech industry, is absolutely rewarding. The excitement of problem-solving, and the opportunities to teach and learn energizes me daily. I am so thankful that my work is so engaging, and that my team is so encouraging and inclusive. I couldn’t imagine working in any other field.

Camille Burch, Marketing Director, Hall Technologies

When I left technology for a while last year, I really missed it. I wasn’t as passionate about my work. So, when I came back, I was grateful to again be working alongside the people in our industry who navigated their way through a challenging pandemic. Those same people were helping others find jobs, fast-tracking needed technologies, and in the trenches with customers figuring it all out. The AV community is an incredible place to forge relationships and give the world the things that make it better and stronger—and for that I will always be grateful.

Joé Lloyd, Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA

I’m thankful to work in tech, specifically the AV industry, because it’s full of creative and passionate minds that are eternally seeking to enhance how we experience the world. In my role at AVIXA, I have met and collaborated with many incredible thought leaders to push our industry forward on key initiatives like diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the time and dedication of many folks, HETMA and AVIXA were able to develop a DEI scholarship program and award nine scholarships in less than a year. I’m thankful to be surrounded by that type of heart and commitment.




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