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What’s the Current State of the Digital Signage Industry? Find Out!

The State of Digital Signage 2021 LAVNCH & LEARN

The digital signage industry is constantly evolving; from products to content to services, the industry is constantly on the move and adapting to the next big thing.

So, what’s trending now and what will be trending in the next 18 months? Join rAVe’s Megan A. Dutta as she explores this topic with Laura Davis-TaylorPaul Fleuranges and Brad Gleeson in a Dec. 15 LAVNCH & LEARN.

“The digital signage industry is moving and morphing into total new terrain, and we’re all working hard to keep up with both the now and the next. For people like me that started in marketing and media, the new possibilities for integrating technology, techniques, platforms and places for new paradigms in personalization and monetization are thrilling — and it’s coming fast,” said Davis-Taylor. “We’ll be talking about it all, and we promise it will set a really exciting tone for 2022.”

“I’m excited to discuss the state of digital signage because I think there’s a good story to be told, and I think attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of where the growth areas are for digital signage as 2022 comes into focus,” added Fleuranges.

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