What Mobius Labs is Showcasing at NAB Show 2023

What Mobius Labs is Showcasing at NAB Show 2023

Mobius Labs will demonstrate the latest version of Visual DNA, its AI-based metadata solution that can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, at the 2023 NAB Show.

Mobius Labs Visual DNA's search capabilities.

Mobius Labs Visual DNA’s search capabilities.

NAB Show attendees will also see a new suite of complementary audio tools with speech-to-text and English translation capabilities that further improve asset management workflows and increases the value of an organization’s content, according to the company.

“It’s never been more important for media organizations to harness the valuable potential of their content libraries and Visual DNA is the industry’s fastest, most cost-effective, flexible, and customizable artificial intelligence (AI) metadata solution for adding descriptive metadata to content,” said Jeremy Deaner, COO, Mobius Labs.

Visual DNA reduces the processing cost of video ingest, tagging, search, and archive. Mobius’ one-pass process creates an ultra-compact description of video frames (in essence, the Visual DNA) that is around 1,500 times smaller than the corresponding 4k video. Once assigned, Visual DNA can effectively enable users to turn back time by re-indexing 1 hour of content in under 10 seconds. Thus, tags can always be kept up to date with new metadata using custom trained AI without requiring further ingest and poorly indexed archives become a thing of the past.

In parallel, it can generate accurate audio transcripts in 30+ languages and optionally translate them into English—without having to rely on separate natural language processing modules as required by traditional cloud-based vendors.

“Visual DNA offers the most advanced AI technology to help content owners organize and find video and audio content like never before. Our system can recognize highly detailed tags, faces, expressions, and generate transcripts from audio tracks in multiple languages at lightning speed—making it one of the most efficient and affordable solutions available. With Visual DNA, new AI capabilities can be added with very low computational costs, enabling users to future-proof their AI strategy and ensure that their content remains organized and easy to find, no matter how much they have,” said Appu Shaji, CEO and chief scientist at Mobius Labs. “To put things into perspective, Visual DNA’s technology can analyze an hour of video content and generate new metadata using custom-trained AI or newer AI modules in less than 10 seconds, while only requiring 30MB of storage.”

While automating content ingest workflows helps organizations efficiently manage their media, doing so without an AI-based intelligent tagging system risks losing track of valuable content in the archive, says the company. “Many organizations struggle to monetize existing content,” concluded Deaner. “Having a comprehensive metadata tagging strategy in place ensures that valuable content is never out of reach.”

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