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Vū to Bring LED Soundstage to NAB Show 2022

Vū will showcase its LED Volume and virtual production solutions across three unique activations on the 2022 NAB Show floor. This opportunity allows for attendees of the NAB Show to see multiple implementations of Vū’s technology in action, including a 100 ft. LED Volume as the home for Vū Theater—the largest LED Volume soundstage at the NAB Show, according to the company.

Watch the video below to check out a preview of Vū at the 2022 NAB Show.


“The partnership with Vū this year is unlike anything we’ve ever done at NAB Show before. The opportunity to create an immersive volume to showcase our speakers is an exciting innovation we’re very proud to bring to this year’s NAB Show attendees,” said Melissa Kittson, manager, digital media, sponsorship, and strategic Accounts for NAB.

Vū’s three primary activations at NAB Show will include:

Vū Theater – The primary speaker stage in Central Hall will be on a giant, 100 ft. wide x 20 ft. tall Vū Theater, the largest of its kind at NAB Show, where keynote presentations will be delivered throughout NAB Show.

Vū Exhibit Booth – Located adjacent to the Create Inspiration Zone stage, Vū’s dedicated exhibit booth will provide a forum for conversation with Vū’s subject matter experts, positioned to take attendees deep into the company’s virtual production solutions.

Unreal Ride, powered by Mark Roberts Motion Control & Vū – Attendees will be able to take a ride in this hyper-realistic simulation where they will be able to virtually ride on a motorcycle through a futuristic metropolis. Created in Unreal Engine, this experience utilizes a Vū LED wall for visual display and a Bolt X Robot from Mark Roberts Motion Control for precise motion control. This booth is located in the Central Hall Lobby.

Just across the Vegas strip from NAB Show is Vū Vegas, the fourth location as part of Vū’s virtual studio network. This 40,000 sq. ft. studio features a 140 ft. x 20 ft. LED Volume, an R&D lab for virtual production, and a robotics laboratory that will elevate filmmaking, commercial production, and video capabilities for conferences.

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