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VR/AR Association Seeks Input for Sports and Fitness Industry Report

VR AR Association LogoThe VR/AR Association’s upcoming report on the sports and fitness industry will feature virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions that address major challenges like the lack of motivation and helps with engagement.

VR and the Fitness Industry

According to the VR/AR Association, the addictive qualities of gaming combined with VR enable to turn the traditional gym workout into a game.

In fact, VR Fitness might be the “killer-app” for VR. Meta has already acquired the top VR Fitness startups (e.g. Supernatural) and others believe fitness will be a massive success in VR where multiple third-party fitness apps can succeed. Meta and other VR hardware companies are exploring ways to enhance future hardware to support VR fitness apps, encouraging other developers to bring new fitness experiences to VR.

AR and the Sports Industry

AR is disrupting sport in a number of different ways. With AR, it is possible to bring home the game atmosphere, with volumetric videos of the athletes displayed directly in fans’ living room. And in the stadium, with the fan’s phone (or smartglasses), AR interactive material can be incorporated within the game itself, enhancing user experiences of particular moments.

The VR/AR Association says this will be a growing theme the next 24 months—especially with Apple getting into the game as the company will leverage health, fitness, gaming, and entertainment as their big push and tether off its Apple watch health monitoring benefits. Plus, Apple TV has many possibilities with AR.

Report Details

The VR/AR Association’s Sports and Fitness Industry Report will be published and promoted via its channels including our global database of 65K+ emails, website (24K unique monthly visitors), social media (65K+ followers), and at  its chapter events and Global Summit.

To participate in the survey for the VR/AR Association’s Sports and Fitness Industry Report, click here. The deadline to submit is March 5, 2022.

Those interested in sponsoring this report should email info@thevrara.com.

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