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Vizrt Releases Viz Libero 8.2

Vizrt has released Viz Libero 8.2; this update focused on data and introduces Datacenter and unique data visualization tools.

Vizrt Viz Libero 8.2 Transparent AR

Vizrt Viz Libero 8.2 Transparent AR

“This release is about getting the most from your data by centralizing data sources while adding more variety, volume, and speed to data visualization and analysis. We have natively integrated data providers used most by our customers into Datacenter, and will be adding more in the coming months,” said Edouard Griveaud, senior product manager for Viz Libero, Vizrt.

According to the company, Vizrt Datacenter makes it faster and easier for operators to connect live data sources to fields in graphics templates without any scripting, custom coding, or special knowledge—users simply select which data they need. Operators can also connect incoming live data fields into scenes such as clock-and-score graphics, as well as heatmaps.

Additionally, all data is contained in one repository, which eliminates the need to switch out providers every time for different matches or leagues. The data can be accessed in a single central, connected Viz Libero project.

Viz Libero 8.2 gives eight new native data visualization options, including penalty maps, attack maps, and player and team comparison statistics. All the operator needs to do is select the visualization option and click on the match or team to auto-populate data into the graphics.

The Transparent AR feature removes the playing field when flying into AR mode, presenting only the pitch or field grid, giving broadcasters even more augmented reality (AR) visualization options. All the graphics in Viz Libero can be presented as either AR or Transparent AR.

Released in Viz Libero 8.1 for basketball and soccer, AI Cutout has been expanded in this release to enhance any sport, including the notoriously difficult-to-key sports of swimming and ice hockey. Vizrt says AI Cutout exploits the power of Viz AI to intelligently recognize and mask players to generate near-perfect cutouts in record time, saving valuable processing time.

“We timed an experienced operator. What previously took him 12 minutes to create by manually masking the outlines of players, brushing, and fine-tuning to remove overlaps, could now be done in 2 minutes, shaving valuable time. This makes AI-based analysis, such as 3D flights, possible mid-match, to give viewers richer insights into the game,” said Griveaud.

The click of a button is all it takes to create an AI cutout—Vizrt claims the algorithm is so exact that it ignores objects like players, cars, ads, and anything outside the calibration grid. Viz Libero 8.2 also includes backend refinements and replay integrations to better support sports productions.

To learn more about Viz Libero, click here.

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