Vivoka Brings Voice to Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses

Vivoka Brings Voice to Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses

Vivoka has partnered with Epson to offer software vendors working on the Epson Moverio line of connected glasses the ability to add a voice assistant to their applications. Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit (VDK) is compatible with the Moverio BT-40S and BT-45CS smart glasses.

Epson Moverio Vivoka Voice Development Kit

Epson Moverio with Vivoka Voice Development Kit

The Moverio BT-45CS connected glasses with smart controller are based on Epson’s Si-OLED technology, and combine digital content with a real environment. Featuring a comfortable headband and a clip for attaching to hard hats, if needed, they meet international standards for safety and durability, making them ideal for remote assistance, work instruction, and training in industrial settings.

“Vivoka is the market leader in voice-enabled smart glasses and we are working every day to make it even easier to integrate voice into all types of connected glasses,” said William Simonin, CEO of Vivoka.

There are multiple use cases for these products. For example, a mechanic in a car garage, with their busy hands, could proceed to different voice commands such as opening the vehicle’s registration card, a video tutorial, or even calling a colleague for help. Such a device allows the company and the employees to save time (hand washing, use of the phone or a computer, theoretical training, etc.) and thus increase their efficiency.

Software vendors have the ability to integrate a voice interface via Vivoka’s VDK into their applications for the Epson Moverio connected glasses. The Voice Development Kit brings together all voice technologies in a single, simple, and versatile tool that allows all offline voice commands to be customized and activated in minutes. The glasses are voice-ready as they are equipped with a microphone and speaker.

“Epson places great importance in creating a vibrant ecosystem around the Moverio connected glasses platform,” concluded Marc-Antoine Godfroid, new market development manager, Epson Europe. “Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit compatibility is a new tool for our software partners who may be interested in integrating voice commands into their Moverio applications to enable personalized, hands-free interactions in multiple languages.”

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