Theta Labs Launches Pilot 3D NFTs for Use With Sony’s Spatial Reality Display

Theta Labs Launches Pilot 3D NFTs for Use With Sony’s Spatial Reality Display

Theta Labs, in collaboration with Sony Electronics, has released two exclusive 3D NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for use with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display (SRD). This pilot project marks the launch of Theta and Sony’s collaboration where NFTs representing any in-world digital item, avatar, or collectible can be visualized and displayed in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form.

Theta Labs Launches Pilot 3D NFTs for Use With Sonys Spatial Reality Display

This Theta-powered NFT for Sony’s Spatial Reality Display is a three-dimensional Tiki Mask.

These collaborative NFTs will be designed to showcase the next-generation capability of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, allowing collectors to view their digital metaverse assets in a truly 3D accessory-free way . Users will also be able to purchase 2D versions for viewing on conventional displays.

One of the two exclusive Theta-powered NFTs will be a three-dimensional Tiki Mask, originally designed for scaring away evil spirits. Historically, they were bestowed by their Polynesian makers with “mana,” a spiritual energy of power and strength.

“Immersive, three-dimensional NFTs are a great way to showcase the potential of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display for metaverse enthusiasts and collectors,” said Nick Colsey, vice president of business development, Sony Electronics. “Consumers can now enjoy a next-generation 3D experience without the need for 3D eyewear. Theta’s NFTs are just the latest way we can show our rapid adoption of metaverse-friendly technology.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.

This is not the first time Sony and Theta have partnered: Sony Innovation Fund is an equity investor in Theta Labs, and Sony R&D Center Europe, Brussels Lab is member of the Theta Enterprise Validator Network along with other strategic partners including Google, Samsung NEXT, Creative Artists Agency, and Binance.

“We’re still in the early adopter phase for NFTs and for the Spatial Reality Display,” said Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs. “If you look at the NFT landscape today, it’s a 2D world: images and videos. But the metaverse is already 3D. Our community of users is primed for what’s next. Enabling our users to visualize and showcase their NFTs in a way that has physical presence—it’s transformative.”

“Having come from a virtual reality background, we know the metaverse is not a new idea,” Liu added. “So much is moving into the virtual world, with huge potential for 3D visualization. NFTs are just the starting point. We can see users creating 3D avatars with digital collectibles, which represent the way users view themselves and are personally meaningful, then those users taking them into their favorite games, leveling them up, meeting in virtual conference spaces, and more. This is super-exciting for the future of the metaverse and virtual communities out there.”

The limited edition NFT bundles will be released on ThetaDrop, Theta Labs’ green and low-cost NFT marketplace built from the ground up for media and entertainment.

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