TerraZero Technologies Works with Jimmy John's on Metasandwich

TerraZero Technologies Works with Jimmy John’s on Metasandwich

TerraZero Technologies has completed designing and developing a metaverse experience for Jimmy John’s. The project featuried Jimmy John’s Decentraland store and its proprietary ‘Metasandwich’, which enables users to create sandwich products in the virtual metaverse for actual physical production and delivery in the real world.

TerraZero designed and developed Jimmy Johns' Metasandwich In the Decentraland metaverse.

TerraZero designed and developed Jimmy Johns’ Metasandwich In the Decentraland metaverse.

TerraZero worked with Jimmy John’s, the Anomaly agency, and Look Mister to build the Metasandwich experience—which was the first of its kind where metaverse users could build a sandwich in the Decentraland game and have their sandwich voted on to become an actual, limited-time, menu item in the real world. The limited time menu item was a digital-to-physical world success for Jimmy John’s, and quantities available for delivery sold out. The experience was available only for a limited time, but has been built to be redeployed for future activations.

“Jimmy John’s Metasandwich is clear social proof that fan engagement and community building online can work hand in hand with product development and help evolving product offerings to be exactly what customers want,” said Dan Reitzik, CEO of TerraZero. “For TerraZero, this Decentraland build is a great example how integrated commercial metaverse experiences benefit real world businesses. Hence, TerraZero will continue to focus on building such bridges between the real world and the virtual metaverse as we are convinced that metaverse-based ‘V-Commerce’ is the future and will replace e-commerce as we know it.”


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