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Spitfire Creative Technologies to Host CONECT Technology Summit

Spitfire Creative Technologies—parent company of tvONE, Magenta, and Green Hippo—is launching a series of educational AV and live events-focused sessions called CONECT.

Spitfire Creative Technologies CONECT SummitThe brand-new initiative will initially take place online, with the first live streamed CONECT Technology Summit taking place on Tuesday, April 5. The event will include virtual demos, training, and panel discussion with industry leaders.

Spitfire Creative Technologies says that during the CONECT Technology Summit, participants will discover how tvONE, Magenta, and Green Hippo can help reimagine the AV landscape.

“We’re inviting the industry to discover, learn, and interact with our latest products, solutions and strategies that enable complete end-to-end solutions, as well as understanding successful integration with other manufacturers,” said Mark Trevena, communications and training manager, Spitfire Creative Technologies. “Together, we’ll provide you with the framework to interact, connect and engage with your clients.”

The launch of CONECT follows the company’s announcement last month that it is developing ways to bring its innovative new technologies directly to partners and end users in their own countries, focusing on a series of localized tradeshow events around the world. This is in addition to a multitude of innovative virtual activities through 2022 to reach out to new and existing customers. Its aim is to showcase recent products and installations, explore industry trends, and discuss the future of AV. The team is also soon to launch a webcast, rounding-up the latest news and trends from tvONE and Green Hippo.

“It’s clear that this pandemic is still having a huge impact on our industry and we, like countless others, are keen to move forward in a positive and safe way,” stated Frithjof Becker, director of EMEA sales for tvONE and Green Hippo. “Therefore, we are working on new initiatives to provide virtual events as well as working with our network of distribution partners’ localized tradeshows to take our products to their doorstep, rather than encourage large numbers of people to travel abroad to one place at one time.”

“We have been storming ahead with new products, innovations, and upgrades throughout the pandemic, providing the industry with new technologies and ways to enhance their creativity,” Becker concluded. “The CONECT events are part of our ongoing commitment to bringing the industry together to move forward.”

The first CONECT Technology Summit will be held virtually on April 5 at 10 a.m. ET. Click here to register.

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