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Sparkup Joins the IBC Accelerator

Sparkup is set to participate in the IBC Accelerator Project Real-Time XR Sport Edge to bring further fan engagement opportunities to combat mixed martial arts (MMA) in virtual worlds and IRL.

Sparkup Real Time XR Sport at IBC 2023

Sparkup Real Time XR Sport will debut at IBC 2023.

The aim of this project is to broadcast digital twin XR sports using combat MMA with live, immersive high-end graphics, spatial and social audio, and real-time, edge-compute deliverability to fans in a 3D virtual world via virtual reality (VR) headsets, computers, mobile devices. It will appear simultaneously at an outdoor location-based experience venue at The Outernet in London.

To achieve this, the IBC Accelerator Project Real-Time XR Sport Edge is building on the latest innovations in interactive digital athletes, fan engagement, motion capture, artificial intelligence (AI), and high-speed edge content delivery for live XR sports workflows for 3D world.

One of the key objectives of the challenge is to allow audiences—whether they’re online or onsite—to participate in real time and spectate on multiple devices (VR headset, mobile, computer, or the London venue). This is where Sparkup comes in, bringing to the project its unique feature Mosaik—an audience wall solution that will allow online viewers to enjoy a completely immersive, frontrow seat to watch the show. Sparkup pulls video feeds from participants to display a virtual crowd with no attendance capacity limitations. Everyone is visible, as if they were sitting there in the room and can share their emotions.

“Participants love seeing themselves on the streaming broadcast and reacting to the live event. A virtual audience combined with real-time interactivity brings a special feeling of togetherness and energy that has a real impact on the audience engagement throughout the event,” said Vincent Bruneau, founder and CEO, Sparkup.

The project will be showcasing its POC and findings at IBC2023, on Monday, Sept. 18, from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. at the Innovation Stage. Learn more here.

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