Slash Partners with Groove Science Studios for Virtual Reality Concert

Slash Partners with Groove Science Studios for Virtual Reality Concert

Groove Science Studios, creator of virtual reality music platform Soundscape VR (SVR), has added Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Live at Studio 60 to its Magic Mirror Musical Metaverse.

Slash in Groove Science Studios' Soundscape VR Music Metaverse

Slash in Soundscape VR’s Music Metaverse

Music fans can experience the debut of all ten songs from Slash and the band’s new Gibson Records LP 4, in Soundscape VR’s musical metaverse—a dynamic virtual concert world that captures the band’s unforgettable melodies, soaring vocals, and guitar riffs that will blow your mind.

“I’m really excited about this cool VR interpretation of our live performance at Studios 60,” said Slash. “It’s a new and immersive visual that gives it a great ‘in the room’ feel.”

“It’s a milestone for SVR to showcase legendary artists like Slash,” Eric Alexander, SVR creator and founder of Groove Science Studios, explained. “Artists everywhere are seeing SVR and Magic Mirror as the ultimate digital presentation of their art, giving their fans a totally original experience built for the highest levels of immersion. Soundscape continues to lead the world in the exploration & display of the most advanced musical metaverse technologies.”

Avatar customizations are now available for users to personalize their own virtual appearance—including new hairstyles, outfits, and more. And a new version of SVR’s Sonic AI now helps shape experiences and the worlds like never before, according to the company. Armed with their avatars, users can explore immersive, audio-reactive worlds like Twilight Thicket—one of six worlds that comprise the Soundscape VR music metaverse—while rocking out to Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

To experience exclusive Magic Mirror performances, users can download SVR for free from Steam VR and Oculus Home.

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