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SIGGRAPH 2022 to Explore the Metaverse

SIGGRAPH 2022 will delve into the evolution and advancements in technology for the metaverse; several programs across the conference will explore the current state and future possibilities in this virtual universe.

SIGGRAPH 2022At the 49th annual conference—which runs in-person today through August 11—conversations and workshops will be held to assist in creating content for the metaverse; leading experts will touch on the experiences, and other metaverse-related ideas, from discussions on interoperability, workshops on 3D modeling, and even tackling potential challenges in this environment.  The metaverse, once considered a hypothetical virtual world, is now an immersive network of 3D worlds focused on social interaction. Advancements in technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, have made it easier to connect users in both these remote and 3D worlds. But how does an interactive experience affect one’s life in the metaverse? What will happen to how people socialize, work, learn, and play? How does it affect various industries such as art, gaming, fashion, healthcare, or movies?

At SIGGRAPH 2022, the metaverse will be the focus of many panels, courses, and hands-on workshops. Topics covered include how computer graphics deals with the mechanics of the human body, the sense of touch with physical hardware in a spatial environment, and even neural network algorithms in art. Programs including: Appy HourArt PapersBirds of a FeatherCoursesEducator’s ForumEmerging TechnologiesFeatured SpeakersFrontiersImmersive PavilionPanelsReal-Time Live!, and Talks, will address these subjects.

“I believe SIGGRAPH 2022 is the ideal place to talk about the metaverse, discuss what is happening now, and exchange ideas as to what is possible,” said Munkhtsetseg Nandigjav, SIGGRAPH 2022 conference hair. “Our community is made up of creators and innovators. We want to further these discussions and promote how this experience will potentially change lives. We contribute to the variations and transformations occurring in this virtual world, and we can empower these creators to make an impact for the better.”

Access to the various metaverse presentations and workshops at SIGGRAPH 2022 are available in-person and online; on-demand sessions available virtually July 25 – October 31. Learn more and register for the conference at

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