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PPDS Expands Its Global Partner Alliance

PPDS has expanded its Global Partner Alliance network, delivering regional support and international expertise for customers across six continents.

Franck Racape addresses PPDS Global Partner Alliance members.

Franck Racape addresses PPDS Global Partner Alliance members.

Officially launched at ISE 2022, PPDS’ invitation-only Global Partner Alliance (GPA) program was created to connect multinational businesses with PPDS’ top tier of regional integration specialists, for seamless execution of projects, of any scale, anywhere in the world.

Announced to members during the third global meeting for the PPDS GPA, hosted in Barcelona, Spain, the Alliance has grown by more than 50 additional partners—almost doubling numbers from 60 to 118, strengthening in North America and now covering China and India—delivering enhanced specialist knowledge and support across a range of industries.

Each Alliance partner is selected based upon their capabilities, certifications, and ongoing relationship with PPDS. All GPA partners are trained and certified to deliver the best knowledge and performance across PPDS’ portfolio of products, services, and solutions.

Heading up the PPDS GPA, Simone Gagliardi commented: “We have been thrilled by the continued success and unrivalled relationships being formed within our Global Partner Alliance since it was officially launched. We are delighted to welcome new members to the community, bringing even greater strengths and wider reach to deliver seamless and consistent services to customers almost everywhere on the planet. With the GPA, we aim to remove the pain points traditionally experienced with multinational integrations, reaching through regional barriers to ensure projects are completed consistently, quickly and efficiently. There is nothing quite like the PPDS GPA.”

“Since launch, the GPA has advanced from being a list of valued partners to a true global community. Far from being competitors, many of our GPA partners are now in regular communication, supporting each other where needed and, as clearly demonstrated at our GPA dinner in Barcelona and at other exclusive GPA events, they have become close business allies in the process,” added Franck Racape, VP global commercial at PPDS. “On behalf of PPDS, I welcome all our new GPA members and thank everyone for their continued devotion. Here’s to expanding into another successful year.”

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