OVER GATE Creates Hyperreal Environments for Metaverse Events

OVER GATE Creates Hyperreal Environments for Metaverse Events

OVER—the decentralized infrastructure for an open, augmented reality (AR) enabled metaverse— has launched its new desktop application, OVER GATE Console.

OVER GATE ConsoleDesigned to create unique geo-localized experiences that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, OVER GATE Console enables users to organize, manage, and customize their own live AR events worldwide across the metaverse. Leveraging sophisticated next-generation technology, OVER GATE allows previously unattainable levels of real-time interaction in virtual worlds, according to the company.

Once the OVER application is downloaded, the OVER GATE console allows users to choose from all the OVRLands they own or an available location in the metaverse and host live events of any kind—inviting an unlimited number of guests. In addition, invited users will not be only passive spectators. They will be able to play an active role in the events, by moving their avatars through their laptops’ keypad and mouse and streaming their performances.

Accessibility features allow users to manage everything about the AR world, from audio to avatars. Those seeking a more immersive experience can use a motion tracking suit to stream accurate, real-time body movements such as waving hands, jumping, and wiggling fingers.

“We believe the only way the metaverse can add value to the world and truly inspire innovation is to personalize the experience. OVER GATE console connects augmented reality experiences to real geographic locations and thus enables creators to augment the physical world,” said Davide Cuttini, co-founder and CEO of OVER. “This geo-realism is an exciting feature that breathes new life into AR. With OVER GATE, users can create unique experiences, play games, and participate in live metaverse events such as music festivals and virtual meetings.”

According to OVER, the desktop app marks the beginning of a new era of metaverse activities; the company believes it will revolutionize how people interact with virtual events and creates a pathway into the metaverse. To make this metaverse experience as inclusive as possible, OVER is offering the OVER GATE Console for free to anyone who downloads the app and signs up for OVER. By signing up, users can try out the full suite of features available on the OVER GATE Console and host their own events.

OVER creates a digital world rooted in decentralization, with permission-less access and direct data ownership. The platform leverages user-created content and geo-localized mapping to create perfect and authentic experiences of real places in the metaverse. Users can download the OVER app, create their avatar, and join the fun through AR, all with their smartphones.

By combining Web3 infrastructure with OVER’s hyperreal AR technologies, OVER GATE will make the hyperreal metaverse—from NFT art exhibitions and gaming to fashion and online communications—accessible to everyone.

“OVER allows anyone to inhabit a place, have fun, and explore a new virtual world,” concluded Cuttini. “Our metaverse is tailored to make the user experience hyper-realistic, accurately representing their physical objects in the digital world and enabling the creation of their own digital world where art, design, and technology intersect”.

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