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NSCA Announces New Board of Directors

NSCA has elected its new executive committee leadership—including a new president and the addition of a new officer to the Board of Directors—for 2022-2023.

Ray Bailey NSCA president

Ray Bailey

Ray Bailey, president at Lone Star Communications and current NSCA vice president, assumed the role of Board of Directors president on July 1, 2022.

“There isn’t a person better suited for NSCA leadership than Ray Bailey,” said Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director. “I’ve seen Ray do amazing things during his career—both professionally and personally. After missteps early in his career that he learned valuable lessons from, he has built something amazing with Lone Star Communications. NSCA is proud to have him as our president because of what he has accomplished so far—and what he will continue to accomplish in this role.”

Watch the video below to see NSCA president Ray Bailey discuss the board’s priorities.

Bailey replaces Michael Boettcher, who is the former CEO and executive director of New Era Technology. His two-year term as president ended on June 30. Boettcher will serve as the association’s immediate past president, replacing Josh Shanahan of Sport View Technologies.

Dan Schmidtendorff, president and CEO at Communication Company and current NSCA treasurer, will become vice president; Dale Bottcher, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at AVI-SPL, will become secretary. Current board member Christina DeBono, president at ClearTech Media, will now serve as treasurer.

In addition, Shedan Maghzi, strategic advisor at Avidex, will join the NSCA Board of Directors and began his three-year term on July 1, 2022. Maghzi joins the following board members who continue their terms from last year: Brad Caron, president and owner, SIGNET Electronic Systems; Kyle Habben, president, Electronic Contracting Company; Laurie MacKeigan, president, Backman Vidcom; and Don Mastro, executive vice president of global sales, AVI Systems.

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