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Nextech AR Launches Metaverse App ARitize Maps

Nextech AR Solutions has released its ARitize 3D Self-Serve platform for 3D and augmented reality (AR) model creation.

Nextech AR says that with its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform, any sized business can create high-quality 3D and AR content from existing 2D product images, with no 3D or AR experience required. All the platform needs to get started are some 2D images uploaded in its portal to then be produced into a 3D model.

Watch the video below to see a demo of Nextech AR Solutions’ ARitize 3D.

Nextech AR also recently announced the closing of a large enterprise ARitize 3D deal with a multinational e-commerce brand; this deal provides the company with a growing base of monthly recurring revenue and showcases the accelerating demand of Nextech’s ARitize 3D factory which is powered by AI and ML. The company is contracted to produce 2,500 3D models to be distributed through the client’s online subsidiaries globally.

“This enterprise 3D modeling contract for an initial 2,500 models is a huge win for Nextech, and clearly highlights the future trajectory of our technology,” said Nextech AR’s CEO Evan Gappleberg. “By being able to provide scalable 3D/AR ecommerce solutions for the world’s largest multinational companies at what we believe is the lowest cost and highest quality, the most scalable solution really does change the game for our company.”

“I believe that this is just the beginning as we have many more enterprise deals in our pipeline which we expect to close in Q1,” he added. “Beyond enterprise we are seeing strong demand all through the ecommerce space. I believe that 2022 is the year that 3D models move from a nice-to-have to a must-have in ecommerce and we have the 3D model factory that can scale, turning our platform into a must-have solution for ecommerce.”

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