NAB Show 2023 to Explore the Future of the Internet

NAB Show 2023 to Explore the Future of the Internet

The 2023 NAB Show will lead a collaborative, immersive, and interactive exploration of the transformative impact Web3 and other internet advances are having on the media and entertainment industry on April 15-19 at the Last Vegas Convention Center.

NAB Show LogoEducational programming, hands-on demonstrations, special events, networking sessions, and dozens of exhibitors on the show floor will explore the next generation of the internet and its potential to unlock new opportunities in the content lifecycle.

“Web3 and other emerging technologies like generative AI and the metaverse are opening an entirely new chapter for content creators,” said Chris Brown, NAB executive vice president and managing director, Global Connections and Events. “The 2023 NAB Show is the ideal platform to dive into these new tools and ideas by meeting face-to-face with the experts, innovators, and companies that are unleashing the possibilities pushing the limits of our imagination.”

NAB Show will feature educational sessions across multiple conferences and tracks tackling key trends surrounding the next era of internet technology, with topics covering Web3; data and analytics; generative AI; metaverse; and blockchain and NFTs. These sessions will offer attendees an opportunity to engage in interactive conversations and learning experiences surrounding new frontiers of innovation, while also engaging with like-minded content professionals in discussions about future collaborative opportunities.

“Web3 is a rapidly evolving technology, and the most successful companies will be those that are willing to experiment with new approaches and collaborate with other industry players,” said Andrea Berry, head of business development at Theta Labs and a member of the NAB Show Web3 Advisory Council. The council, which offers guidance and expertise on NAB Show programming regarding the next generation of the internet, will provide an update on April 17 on the state of Web3, the impact of technology, and the current economic and cultural trends that are driving the next phase of content.

“Web3 technologies will eventually drive the next models of media development, production and economics just as streaming video and mobile devices, once outliers, have defined the current era,” added Seth Shapiro, partner, Alpha Sigma Capital and Alpha Transform Holdings, and chair of the Web3 Advisory Council.

Located in West Hall, the Intelligent Content Experiential Zone serves as home base for those interested in these exciting new technologies. Visitors to the zone will be able to take part in collaborative workshops and presentations showcasing products and solutions from companies such as Interra Systems, Shotshack, Veritone, and Wiland. Organized around themes of implementation, inspiration, and innovation, the Zone will feature roundtables, theaters, the AWS Partner Village, the Innovation Village, and NABiQ, which facilitates a series of competition-style sessions encouraging collaborators to devise solutions to common challenges facing media broadcasting.

NAB Show, in collaboration with StoryTech, will offer attendees a guided, curated tour of the show floor around two themes related to intelligent content: managing data and innovation in virtual production. The Data, Data, Data tour will explore data and meta data management throughout the content production and distribution pipeline, and the New Production Modalities tour will cover Web3 technologies, virtual production solutions, and immersive content creation tools. Each tour will facilitate communication between storytellers and technology companies, provide briefings and feature exhibitors and products that are driving conversations around the latest content business models.

Leading brands, emerging companies and startups will be exhibiting new Web3 and other next-generation internet technologies and solutions. Exhibitors will be showcasing products in categories such as AI and machine learning; data analytics; content discovery; search, metadata software and applications; personalization; voice AI and recognition; internet of things; and edge networking.

NAB Show attendees are also invited to take part in the AWS Free Kick Challenge. Located in the West Hall Lobby, participants will kick a sensor-filled soccer ball into a real-world goal, with connected ball technology supported by machine learning providing insight into real-time ball movement. A leaderboard will be on display throughout NAB Show letting attendees compare and track their effort against their peers.

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