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Missed AI Day? Here’s an Overview

AI Day Wrap Up CODE

Yesterday was Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appreciation Day, a day to honor AI technology’s positive contributions to humanity. The day also serves to raise awareness about AI ethics and foster a national conversation about AI.

Since AI impacts nearly every aspect of emerging ProAV technology, LAVNCH [CODE] and rAVe [PUBS] celebrated AI day by publishing AI-focused blogs written by a variety of industry experts every hour from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET. In case you missed any, we’ve complied all the articles here.

AI and Digital Signage

Throughout our various posts today, we’ve explored themes like AI and ProAV. Telecine director of sales and marketing Justin Lachovsky examined some of the ways AI is revolutionizing the digital signage market through intelligent content recommendations, automated content creation, real-time content optimization, contextual content delivery, and audience analytics and insight. “By leveraging the power of AI in digital signage, businesses can create compelling and dynamic content that leaves a lasting impression on their audience,” he wrote.

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AI and ProAV

Mark Coxon, CTS-D, CTS-I wrote about how AI might enhance the future of experiential design by “creating variation within the larger environment that allows for personalized experiences.” However, he noted some key limitations of current artificial intelligence that hinder its utility in experiential design, specifically its inability to reflect or anticipate a human’s reaction.

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The Impact of Generative AI

Over the course of the day, we’ve also explored the impact of generative AI. Brittany Mier y Terán of Harpie broke down what the impact of AI will be on the metaverse and Noah Kadner of The Virtual Company wrote about how generative AI will transform virtual production and in-camera VFX. You can check out their thoughts here and here.

Click here to read about AI and the metaverse.

Click here to read about AI and virtual production.

AI and Smart Cities

Building on an earlier LAVNCH [Code] article he was featured in, “What is a Smart City?”, Ernie Beck discussed the ways in which AI can be utilized to make aspects of a city, including public safety and security, public transportation, energy management, maintenance, and infrastructure, smarter.

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Fun Facts About AI

Finally, LAVNCH [CODE] editor-in-chief Megan A. Dutta gathered seven fun and interesting facts about the history and predicted future of AI.

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