Midtown Financial Turns to Daktronics for LEDs in Times Square

Midtown Financial Turns to Daktronics for LEDs in Times Square

Daktronics, in partnership with Branded Cities, was asked to design and manufacture approximately 10,500 sq. ft. of digital displays for Midtown Financial’s location at 3 Times Square in New York City.

Midtown Financial Turns to Daktronics for LEDs in Times Square“We are excited to have lit up our new Midtown Financial digital spectacular in the heart of Times Square and pleased to have partnered with Daktronics on this project,” said Vaibhav “VG” Gupta, president and COO of Branded Cities. “The quality of the Daktronics product will ensure that the Midtown Financial will be the key focal point in Times Square’s southern bow-tie for years to come.”

The two vertical displays were installed this past fall and now light up a space that is 40% larger than the displays previously residing at the corner of 7th Avenue and 43rd Street.

“This iconic display is positioned directly outside our office window across 43rd Street in Times Square,” said Jeff Everson, Daktronics director of spectacular projects in New York City. “It’s incredibly exciting to come into the office every day and see what new brand activations are taking over this digital landmark at Midtown Financial.”

Technical Specifications

The lower display features two angles as it rounds the corner of the building. It measures roughly 93.5 ft. high by 79 ft. wide and features an 8mm pixel spacing. The next spire display is positioned above it and stretches toward the top of the building, extending more than 300 ft. above grade and making it one of the largest and highest-reaching displays in all of North America. It measures more than 169 ft. high by 18 ft. wide and features a 15mm pixel spacing.

“Daktronics engineers developed multiple contrast-enhancing louver technologies that achieve the best viewing angles to fit every application, and this project was tremendously unique in how tall it rises on the corner of 3 Times Square,” added Everson. “We selected the extremely wide viewing angle louver after extensive reviews of potential sight lines for this one-of-a-kind display design, and we wanted to ensure the 8mm on the lower level matched the 15mm on the upper level to provide Branded Cities with a visually amazing solution.”

Daktronics Display Capabilities

These displays promote third-party advertising to the hundreds of thousands of viewers that pass through Times Square daily. They can work together to show coordinated messaging to help brand the content and catch people’s attention. They can also work independently of one another if desired to share two different messages at the same time.

The content on the displays can be scheduled ahead of time or changed at a moment’s notice to match the needs of Branded Cities and their partners. It can feature full-motion video, simulcast events, mobile interactivity, social media integration, and more.

Daktronics says it has been “a staple LED display provider in Times Square dating back to the installation of the Morgan Stanley LED ticker in 1995”. The company also says has more than 80 customers in the area and more than 30 projects in Times Square.

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