McGraw Hill and Verizon Partner on Augmented Reality App

McGraw Hill and Verizon Bring Learning to Life with Augmented Reality App

McGraw Hill and Verizon have created a new mobile application to bring augmented reality (AR) learning activities to K-12 students and classrooms across the country: McGraw Hill AR. The free app leverages the immersive and interactive features of AR technology to bring academic concepts to life and give students and educators new ways to engage with educational content.

McGraw Hill Augmented Reality app

“As we look to combine the value of hands-on learning with the benefits of emerging technologies, we found AR to be a natural area of exploration in the development of our suite of education tools,” said Shawn Smith, chief innovation officer for McGraw Hill’s School group. “Following the disruptions to classroom learning over the past few years, our AR app will pioneer new ways of engaging students with important concepts and materials. While AR technology may still be an area of uncertain utility today, we see the possibility of boundless impact tomorrow and are excited to take this step in support of the students and teachers we serve.”

The McGraw Hill augmented reality app is available with standards-aligned lesson plans for educators that are exclusively available through Verizon Innovative Learning HQ—a next-gen online education portal that provides free access to immersive extended reality (XR) educational experiences for K-12 students. The McGraw Hill AR app joins a plethora of AR and virtual reality (VR) educational materials, tailored lesson plans, and credentialed professional development on technology integration within the learning environment. The app currently features three activities on algebra readiness and geometry for grades 6-12, with the full suite of 10 math-centric activities to be live by fall 2022.

“Seeing how educators are rethinking how they teach, how students learn, and how to reinvent using emerging technologies, now more than ever it is imperative that they have access to next-gen learning tools and the powerful learning opportunities they unlock,” said Alex Servello, director of corporate social responsibility at Verizon. “With Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, we’ve democratized access to next-gen learning, putting technologies like McGraw Hill AR in the hands of educators to help deliver and enable more immersive, personalized learning experiences for students.”

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