Liquid Avatar Launches Payment Card for the Metaverse

Liquid Avatar Technologies Launches Payment Card and Loyalty Program for the Metaverse

Liquid Avatar Technologies has launched what it says is the “first-ever” payment card and loyalty program created specifically for the metaverse. The LQID card is a physical prepaid debit card powered by OptimizeFT’s Engage360 payment card and digital banking solutions platform, available in the United States. The card can earn the holder cashback by shopping at Liquidshopz and earn points by participating in Aftermath Islands Metaverse activities.

Liquid Avatar Technologies LogoTo activate an increased and widespread adoption of and participation in metaverse experiences, Liquid Avatar Technologies is” proud to be the first to attach loyalty and a loyalty earning payment card to purchasing land, products, games etc., in the metaverse in a manner people are already familiar and engaged with in the real world.”

“We’re excited to offer the very first payment card for the metaverse, supporting individuals and entities as they engage in virtual activities,” said Michael Konikoff, chief revenue officer, Liquid Avatar Technologies. “In addition to retail and online payment opportunities, users of the LQID card will be able to experience exciting Virtual Land and NFT opportunities at Aftermath Islands and other immersive experiences.”

The loyalty program is aimed at driving incremental spend on the card and initially, within Aftermath Islands, increasing customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value. The ability to accept traditional forms of payment especially with a loyalty schema attached to it, lowers the barriers to entry and will set Aftermath Islands apart from other metaverse experiences that only accept cryptocurrency, says Liquid Avatar Technologies.

Cardholders will be able to earn loyalty points whenever they use the card—both online and offline. When they transact in Aftermath Islands using their LQID card, they will not only earn loyalty points on the value of the transaction, but also get the double dip effect of earning loyalty points on the card as well. Accrued points can be redeemed for Aftermath Islands virtual gift cards that can be used when purchasing Virtual Land and other goods in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.




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